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road from Goa to Giffnock or Bombay to Bishopton as expert chefs and questionable rowers will be cooking up a culinary storm of vindaloos, Rogan josh and Thai Green CURRIES.

Tickets will be at the bargain basement price of £15 for adults and £7.50 for children/students for this that night.

GRC Summer Regatta Results Hi Folks, This years GRC Summer Regatta was a great success, we had an enjoyable and busy day culminating in the mayhem that was the GRC Super Sprints race where we had 15 boats on a 3 lane 250m course at the same time…

We will be updating this post with pics in the near future.

We apologise for this and awarded the individual a pot as recompense, even umpires are human :-). We hope you all have a great time, enjoyed some fabulous catering and are looking forward to returning next year.

We will hope to see you all at Castle Semple regatta next week.In the bowels of Paine Whitney, I learned my first rudimentary lessons about counting on those who kept showing up when the fun faded and the going got tough.Inevitably, our Olympic wannabes set the bar high for the nearly thirty girls who showed up daily and ticked off the required elements of every workout.Glasgow Rowing Miles Better A big thank you to the Sports Council for Glasgow for the grant that has helped the club to purchase a new rowing machine.The new machines have been a welcome addition to the club and members have been using these to improve both technique, fitness and speed, especially over the winter months.Translate this page automatically or visit the RSS feed (courtesy of Ewoud Dronkert).