The menu consisits of a fresh fruit course, a hot bread or muffin course, and a hot entre with breakfast meats, all made with fruits produce grown and sold from nearby farm stands.

Dating someone from San Francisco is like having your own personal tour guide to all of the awesome adventures just a day’s trip from SF. They know all the best places to dance until dawn, especially the underground ones.

They’ve been there and done that, and now you get to join them. You’ve probably been to Ruby Skye and Mighty, but your date can take you to the DNA Lounge and Asia SF.

As I’ve grown Curb Free with Cory Lee, I have met other wheelchair using travelers and I love hearing their stories about places they’ve been.

There’s really no better way to learn which destinations are accessible than hearing it directly from people who need the same kind of accommodations as you.

No more lonely days staring at maps, ending up on the wrong bus or walking forever trying to find your destination.

SF natives know the seven square miles of downtown like the back of their hand and they’ll share the quickest route, the best buses and the most ingenious ways to get around.

Everyone always has the latest version of everything, which means you will too. Your date will be happy to take you to the beach, but they’ll never be obsessed over messing up their tan lines.

No more listening to your significant other whine about how they don’t like their jobs. Their jobs offer free haircuts, a travel budget, a music studio, dance parties, places to take naps and discounted tickets for out of town trips. Camping in Big Sur, hiking in Mendocino, skiing in Tahoe—and let’s not forget wine country. Instead they’ll take you on picnics, look for pretty sea glass and fly kites.

Weird abstract art, music that doesn’t sound like music and every other way people express themselves. You’ll get weird at the How Weird Street Faire, get green at the Green Festival, show your pride at the SF Gay Pride Festival, run in costume at Bay to Breakers - not to mention all of the amazing food and music festivals all over the city. All those things you used to think you had to do yourself, like to-do lists, finding the nearest charging station for your Prius and figuring out what that song playing in H&M is?