Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison for numerous child sex abuse offences including the attempted rape of a baby in 2013.

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The group also performed in front of a back-drop saying MEGA LOLZ! Child-protection campaigner Dr Sara Payne branded the BBC's use of the phrase as "distressing".

Speaking to The Sun she said: "It will be highly distressing for anyone preyed upon by Watkins to hear these words used light-heartedly on morning radio.

She claimed that she replied: “I'll put a bullet in his head to stop him doing it.”Mjadzelics, of Thorne Road, Doncaster, said police force records labelled her a “nut job” with harassment orders from Watkins’ lawyers, calling it “b*******”.“He was getting off on the fact he was getting away with it,” he added.

In an online sex chat revealed to the court, the pair discussed incest while acting out being brother and sister, cross dressing, detailing child abuse and discussing kidnapping a brother and sister from outside a school, killing one and raping the other.

Watkins, 36, and mother-of-one Fearne, 32, dated briefly in 2005.

The Lostprophets singer spoke to a female fan from prison the day after admitting two counts of attempted baby rape and bragged that he planned to release a statement joking about his depraved acts.

Whilst spending time in the local Ynysangharad Park, where (17 years later) Lostprophets would headline the Full Ponty festival, Watkins was introduced to future band mate Lee Gaze through a mutual friend.

Having abandoned Aftermath, which made two live appearances in its lifespan of two years, Watkins and Gaze decided to form a new band called Fleshbind, based on their American hardcore punk influences.

Fearne Cotton has faced a fierce backlash after using the so-called catchphrase of her paedophile ex-boyfriend Ian Watkins in a jingle on her Radio One show.