Irene agreed to let him have a trial period but found him eating out of the back of a panel van shortly afterwards.

Seeing a possible buisness partner like that would probably put anyone off and it certainly did with the usually open-to-take-in-almost-anyone Irene.

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In 1999, before leaving drama school, Coleby co-starred with the Irish actor Eoin Moloney in the TV movie "Sabrina Down Under", filmed on Hamilton Island.

Upon graduation Conrad was snapped up by the Sydney Theatre Company to play the role of "Stuey" in Tony Mc Namara's new play "The Recruit" alongside John Howard, Leanna Walsman and Brendan Cowell directed by Robin Nevin.

There was one thing that she couldn’t complain about, though – his food.

Irene still wasn’t happy, however, and even wanted Jack to do a search for any criminal records he might have.

Roman was first seen in the Diner commenting on how nice Leah’s food was.

Leah having told him that she was about to sell her share in the business, Roman said that he was a chef and would be interested in working there.

Roman, Irene and Leah later became partners in the Pier Diner.

It was later revealed that Roman had been a member of the SAS but had resigned after an incident in Afghanistan.

According to the co-star Conrad Coleby, but they split in 2010.