His most recent seems to imply he believes she was taken by people she knows for some reason.

“I did portraits, drawings, letters that formed outlines of significant things in our relationship. Fukunaga, whose credits include Beasts of No Nation and True Detective, has been busy working on TNT’s upcoming thriller series The Alienist.

We hope couple stay together happy forever and walk down the aisle with family to return to!

In a new Twitter video, beloved character actor Danny Trejo asks whoever took Jade to simply "drop her off" anywhere, and they believe she will find her way home.

There was some handholding, there was a walking embrace, she is laughing and happy, seems very happy, and I am happy for her though I’m feeling a little hipster annoyance and I can’t decide whether or not to direct it at her. The film was directed by Kelly Reichardt who also worked with Michelle in, a devastatingly good movie that was terribly overlooked.

Full Story Oscar campaigning is well underway and, as previously mentioned, many contenders showed up at the Governors Awards as an opportunity to honour the Governors list recipients and get in front of Oscar voters. Full Story Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts Of No Nation was screened at the Directors Guild Of America last night in LA as Netflix continues to push for award consideration.

Among them – Cary Fukunaga, Idris Elba, and Abraham Attah representing Beasts Of No Nation. New York Times profile on Cary Fukunaga, are you still with me or have you just lost yourself in this photo? Abraham Attah was there to represent the cast but no Idris Elba – he’s probably still working on Star Trek, because otherwise, if not for scheduling conflicts, there’s no way he would miss time on the campaign circuit.He also studied at the Institut d études politiques de Grenoble in France. While filming in the English countryside, Cary loved getting to work with horses and said in an interview that he wanted to do more projects that involved horses.“I wish more people used horses for transportation,” he told the Huffington Post. Check him out in New York yesterday looking really attractive with really attractive hair. Full Story Several people messaged me about this last night.Full Story Let’s begin today with our first 2016 sighting of Cary Fukunaga who was in New York last night to receive the National Board of Review’s Freedom of Expression Award for Beasts Of No Nation. So who is Cary, and what do you need to know about him? He also worked on music videos when he was first starting out. Cary has an undegrad degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz and an MFA in directing from New York University.