But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun if you know where to look -- like these 14 places, where you can do sexy things without breaking any laws.

Several large servings of meat were lying on the removed skin.

Adam, I'm not going to take issue with the "brain dead and very stupid" line, which appears further along in this message, but this obsession that you and others in this industry seem to have with call termination revenue is unhealthy, and should be addressed.

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Use your existing im, email and phone to chat: Once you create a group, you can chat with your friends through im, email or your phone.

Still going strong on Monday nights at Evil Olive, this weekly spring-break-meets-EDM-show involves fog machine guns and shots aggressively poured into open mouths.

It would have been nice if the news story had included their URL, as some media outlets do. Have a look at Even when they give you a URL, it sometimes doesn't help.

The story sounded quite interesting: GST buys to cost $500m THOUSANDS of Australian businesses are entering "panic mode" as they struggle to adapt their IT systems to cope with the looming GST, analysts have warned.

You simply send a connect link to your friend and when clicked the call starts.

Email, blog, forums & wiki allow us to share information & have asynchronous discussions.

With scantily-clad chicks (and chickens) dancing on the bar while p*rn is played on TVs alongside chaotic dancing in an anything-goes environment, P*rn & Chicken DJs can now be seen at a festival near you, too.

A man suspected of killing a teenage girl on Christmas Eve, leaving her in the garage of a suburban Chicago home, was denied bail Friday.

He turned himself in on Tuesday and admitted to the crime, according to court documents.