JSON Schema can be used to require that a given JSON document (an instance) satisfies a certain number of criteria.

Jayway Json Path is a Java port of Stefan Goessner Json Path implementation. The "root member object" in Json Path is always referred to as If you only want to read once this is OK.

- Released Json Path 2.3.0 - Released Json Path 2.2.0 - Released Json Path 2.1.0 - Released Json Path 2.0.0 - Released Json Path 1.2.0 - Released Json Path 1.1.0 - Released Json Path 1.0.0 Json Path is available at the Central Maven Repository. In case you need to read an other path as well this is not the way to go since the document will be parsed every time you call Json Path.read(...). paths always returns a list (as represented by current Json Provider).

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By default a simple object mapper is provided by the Mapping Provider SPI.

This allows you to specify the return type you want and the Mapping Provider will try to perform the mapping.

Spring’s Data Binder and the lower-level Bean Wrapper both use Property Editors to parse and format property values.

The concept is part of the Java Beans specification, and is also explained in this chapter.

A single fault could allow either an overflow (CWE-788) or underflow (CWE-786) of the array index.

What happens next will depend on the type of operation being performed out of bounds, but can expose sensitive information, cause a system crash, or possibly lead to arbitrary code execution.This may result in the exposure or modification of sensitive data.If the memory accessible by the attacker can be effectively controlled, it may be possible to execute arbitrary code, as with a standard buffer overflow and possibly without the use of large inputs if a precise index can be controlled.Tuple validation is useful when the array is a collection of items where each has a different schema and the ordinal index of each item is meaningful.For example, you may represent a street address such as: keyword to an array, where each item is a schema that corresponds to each index of the document’s array.Automated static analysis generally does not account for environmental considerations when reporting out-of-bounds memory operations.