3)Load the data into SAP BI Connecting SAP BI with Data Services In order to allow the exchange of data and meta data between SAP BI and Data Services, we have to first establish a connection between both the systems.

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This important work includes reducing the cost of prescription drugs by updating the patented drug pricing framework.

We are seeking feedback on proposed amendments to the regulations, prior to their pre-publication in Part I of the Canada Gazette, from: Amendments are being proposed in order to provide the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board with new regulatory tools and information to better protect Canadian consumers.

's mandate is to be a common service agency for the Government of Canada's various departments, agencies and boards.

With a strong focus on quality services and sound financial stewardship, we ensure optimum value by enabling other government departments and agencies to provide their programs and services to Canadians.

This is the Registered Server Program, the Data Services RFC Server will register itself with at SAP.

Therefore, provide the same Program ID that you want to use for the call of the RFC Server on Data Services side.Screenshot 2: 5) Data Services will start an RFC Server program and indicates to SAP BI that it is ready to receive RFC calls.To identify itself as the RFC Server representing this SAP BI Source System a keyword is exchanged, in the screen shot above it is "DEMO_SRC".The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman, an independent office, and part of the portfolio of the Minister, was established on May 5, 2008, as one of the final steps in the implementation of the .The details of its operations and performance results are provided in the Procurement Ombudsman's annual report, which is tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Public Works and Government Services.Although it is a program of Public Works and Government Services, the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman reports to the Minister and is required to operate in an impartial and independent manner.