I put at your disposal example, guide and guidance about fraud, scams and identity theft.

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection.

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Emails from nigeria or indonesia claims to need money to free up her late fathers gem investments (family run gem trading business).

The problem seems to be the indonesian gov't has a (tax) lien on the gems (worth 2.35 million). she is asking for money to complete that and then come to me and be my (wife).

I recently wrote a column on fake check scams and have since been innundated with questions from people who are attempting to earn part-time income as mystery shoppers. Don't be fooled by their assurances that you can wait until "the check clears" to refund the overpayment.

If you're wondering whether the check they sent you--that's conveniently for considerably more than the job is worth--is any good, it's not. If you do, you'll end up losing whatever money you sent and you could end up on the hook for insufficient funds fees, overdraft fees and all of the other miserable consequences of running afoul of your bank.

The con artist's excuse for sending so much money is that they want you to take your fee out of the check, plus the cost of whatever you're buying. banking laws demand that the bank give you access to your funds within 5 days.

And then, they want you to wire the rest of the money, supposedly to evaluate a bank or wire service. That gives most consumers the mistaken impression that the check has cleared. If it's a forgery, it can take weeks--even months--to determine that it's a fake. Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned. White collar crimes such as prime bank fraud, pyramid scams, internet fraud, phone scams, chain letters, modeling agency and Nigerian scams, computer fraud as well as telemarketing fraud are fully explained.This organized crime report by Les Henderson includes credit card fraud, check kiting, tax fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, counterfeit money orders, check fraud and other who's who true crimes of persuasion.Daniel George, Shean Walk, Silver Spencer, Simon Graham, Smith Adams, Smith Bobby, Smith Brownton, Smith Johnson, Smith Mark, Solan Mark, Soul Mate, Spencer Richards, Stephen Frank Young, Stephen Walter, Steve Adams, Steve Aderson, Steve Benson, Steve Brown, Steve Harry Hoffman, Steve Harry, Steve Johnson, Steve Milner Williams, Steve Moses, Steve Raymond, Steve Williams, Steve Willis, Steven Brass, Steven Latty, Sumaila Wright, Tande Williams, Ted Larry, Ted Mc Namara Larry, Teddy Albert, Tenny Davids, Terry Blay, Terry Don, Terry Donald, Thade Eric Adolf, Thim Wilson, Thom Wilson, Thomas Akuffo, Thomas Bruch, Thomas Hannett, Thomas Jeremy, Thomas Mends, Thomas Murphy, Thomas Ray Bruch, Thomas Sawaris, Thomas Witt, Thorsen Thomas, Tim Clowson, Tim Howard, Tim Peter Parker, Timothy Bryan Parker, Timothy Patterson, Timothy Schmidt, Toby Lyward, Tom Colin, Tom Harris, Tom Markson, Tom Ray, Tom Raymond, Tomson Willy, Toni Punacchi, Toni Williams, Tony Clare, Tony Cucolo, Tony Pedro, Tony S.Miller, Tony Walker, Tony Woody, Tristen Cole, Uwe Hubertus, Uwe Knoedlseder, Van Johnson, Van Moore, Vencill Robbort, Venus White, Victor Lasse, Victoria Asare, Vince Holmes, Vincent Owen, Vincent Patterson, Wally Robert, Warren Davidson, Waters Carl, Wayne Gibson, Wayne Raisser, Wayne Richards, Wesley Clinton, Wesley James, Wilbert Steve Randall, Willam Pritchett, Willams Ben, William Goldberg, William Happy, William Lansley, William M.A recent survey by Consumer Federation of America found that one in every three Americans has been approached by someone peddling a fake check. With more than 6 million Americans looking for work, today's hot check scam targets unemployed people desperate to earn money through part-time work, such as mystery shopping.