Make sure that all your pictures exude a positive quality about you.If you want more information on how you can optimize your profile, check out my video presentation on the matter. Depending on several factors (like your style, and what kind of women you want to attract), you’ll want to use different pictures. Usually, they’re taken by crappy cell phone cameras in front of a bathroom mirror. As much as you think this will get the women going, this is proven to not work. By showing yourself in a very vulnerable state (ie., when you’re sleeping), you’ll appear much less threatening, and therefore, women will be much more compelled to message you back. Remember, you’re trying to obtain girls that are like-minded…

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She gets so many messages that she doesn't even see your message. In The Online Game by Derek Lamont, you will learn how to be one of the very few men online that is having outrageous success with women.

Eventually most guys get frustrated and give up online dating completely defeated and having his self-esteem crushed. Since the vast majority of men fail at online dating, the few guys that actually know what they're doing are totally cleaning up and have their choice of just about any woman that they want.

So if you’re a guy who has no interest in the bar scene or you get nervous and are afraid of being rejected in a situation where you are approaching a woman for the first time, this information might be of help to you.

If you just aren’t that smooth with the pickup lines or if that just doesn’t appeal to you then maybe you might want to take a chance at online dating or picking up women on some of these social networking sites like Facebook.

When you really stop and think about it, these methods and this approach removes all the things that most guys hate so much about going to clubs.

When most guys start out with online dating, they sign up with a website and expect to at least catch a few women's eyes. The cold truth is that most guys don't even get noticed by the women they e-mail.But here’s a huge problem; according to recent studies, only 56% of men who post personal ads on these websites don’t receive a single e-mail.And it’s said that without proper guidance, over 90% of men fail at online dating. It’s not because they’re ugly or because they don’t have any money.The Online Game: Internet Attraction System by Derek Lamont has finally been updated and re-released. Men all over the world are discovering that the best way to “pick up girls” is now through the internet.Plenty of Fish, Facebook,, e Harmony have tens of thousands of young, hot, beautiful women signing up every day.Written by Derek Lamont, The Online Game promises to give you step by step instruction on how to create attraction with women on such sites as Facebook, My Space, Plentyof Fish and the like.