Don't get too excited: the Internet's new favorite celebrity couple are (almost certainly) not dating.

But that isn't keeping social media from pretending they are.

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Unfortunately, other times the rumor mill starts up for no reason, as in the case of Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s so-dark-it’s-almost- soundtrack.

They hardly appear together in the video, but their “smoldering” moments and longing looks were enough to cause a non-issue in the news that also involves Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

A rep for Taylor Swift did not reply to request for comment.

Swift's rumored low-key relationship with Alwyn is a 180 from her high-profile romance with Tom Hiddleston last summer.

She, of course, is also Swift’s best friend and a first-tier squad member. even if it’s with a hot chick, who happens to be her friend.”It “made more sense with the song’s lyrics” for Swift and Malik to be kept apart for most of the video so he could brood and she could writhe, “Blank Space”-style, the source said about why Swift and Malik only appear in a few scenes together.

Per TMZ, “sources connected to the production” (most likely Hadid’s publicist, although TMZ leaves it anonymous) relayed that Hadid wasn’t on set when the video was made. The source told TMZ not to worry about any actual sparks flying: “We’re told Gigi’s confident in her relationship with Zayn, and doesn’t try to restrict his work . Hadid would have been fine with it if they have more moments together, though.

Why Taylor Swift–Tom Hiddleston hook-up is bigger paparazzi gold mine than usual Swift has been known for her long line of high-profile relationships.

Her former beaus have included US singer John Mayer, Scottish singer Calvin Harris, as well as English singer and member of pop boy band One Direction, Harry Styles.

A source told Us that Ri Ri, 28, didn't "want to be held down," but was adamant that the pair were never serious.