This website will show you your current public IP address.If the IP address does not match the one listed by your hostname, you will need to manually update it to get your service working again.

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How do I manually update my hostname in my No-IP account?

To manually update the hostname, login to your No-IP account and click Hosts/Redirects at the top left of the page.

They even have a quick knowledge base tutorial on how to achieve this.

For this post though, I’ll be taking you though the steps to connect using your own domain name.

I use the following parameters : - Service : DNS-O-Matic ;- Hostname : Username / email : [email protected] Password : my_password- External address(IPv4) : my_public_external_ip_address I always have an error message : "Failed to connect to the server.

Please check the network connection of the server."My Synology is able to connect to the internet : all works fine with others DDNS (ex.

Web browsers will generally add this for you when testing via the above url.

Hi all, I try to configure Synology DDNS service (DSM 5.1 update 2) with DNS-O-MATIC.

Dynamic DNS allows you to direct your domain or a subdomain to a resource that is behind a gateway that has a dynamically assigned IP address.