Yeah, it was just a crush; yeah, we might have only gone on a couple of dates; yeah, I wasn't super emotionally invested . (You know what I mean.) I was frustrated because whenever I liked a great girl, they weren’t interested; and when a great girl liked me, it didn’t seem right.

but I was at that point in life where it seemed that nothing was working out.

You must do more than simply talk about how nice their eyes are or how great the film was.

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If anything isn’t to our immediate liking, we dive back into our device, back into the land of possibility.

Sometimes we do this even when we like the person we’ve met, because we can, and there still could be someone better.

Do some research and focus on what you determine is an untapped or underserved market.

Does your city or town have its own exclusive dating site? Deciding your niche is crucial for how you build your site and who you target to market your site or app to.

Technology has exploded our dating options and put dating effectively on amphetamines.

The sheer quantity of choices gives us the feeling that we can and will meet someone through technology. And yet, precisely because there is so much choice, we often don’t give the person we’ve met a real chance.

Once you’ve decided on a name, you can utilize a quick google search to determine if your chosen name is available, along with the URL.

Pick a host, legally register your business and purchase your URL.

(Image source) Once you determine your primary audience, you can work on choosing a name.

Be creative and playful, and choose something that speaks to your theme.

Step 2: Pray Always Involve God in your dating life.