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This paper summarizes contributions and suggestions as presented at the Chandra Workshop Star Formation in the Era of Three Great Observatoriesconducted in July 2005.

One of the declared goals of the workshop was toraise recognition within the star formation research community about thesensible future utilization of the space observatories Spitzer, Hubble,and Chandra in their remaining years of operation to tackle imminentquestions of our understanding of stellar formation and the earlyevolution of stars.

We have carried out an H13CO (J=1-0) core surveyin a large area of 1.5deg×0.5deg, coveringthe whole region of the Orion A molecular cloud, using the Nobeyama 45 mradio telescope with the 25 Beam Array Receiver System (BEARS).

Thissurvey is unique in that a large area (~48 pc2) of the cloudwas covered with a high spatial resolution of 21" (0.05 pc) and with adeep integration (1 σ~0.1 K in T*A),resulting in a core mass detection of 1.6 Msolar.

The discovery of optical jets immersed in the strong UV radiation fieldof the Rosette Nebula sheds new light on, but meanwhile poses challengesto, the study of externally irradiated jets.

The jet systems in the Rosette are found to have a high state of ionization and show uniquefeatures. Highlight file by clicking once with Left Mouse button, then use RIGHT mouse button3.Phones don't really come with instruction manuals anymore, and learning how to use your phone effectively can be a big task.A white paper was generated to support thecontinuous and simultaneous usage of observatory time for star formationresearch.The contents of this paper have been presented and discussedat several other meetings during the course of 2005 and January 2006.i suppose youve loads of fucking money to buy what you want.