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N.-issued tent was a synthetic swelter, as the spring temperatures steadily rose.

For more than seven months, thousands of refugees—like Al-Shamaly—have been stuck in political limbo in Greece, living in deteriorating conditions, uncertain if they will be given asylum in Europe or deported back to Turkey. Under its terms, at least some of the thousands arriving in Greece, mostly Syrians, would be relocated to EU countries.

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Microsoft just purchased Skype for $8.5 billion (double the price that e Bay paid in 2005).

The mega-giant has big plans for integrating Skype into Microsoft Office, which could bode well for both companies.

Very quickly, they set up tents for 700 people, brought in a few dozen port-a-potties, designated an old helicopter pad as the soccer field.

But it's the middle of the woods, so snakes get in the tents, and at night, wild boars do roam around.

Full audio: When you visit a refugee camp full of Muslims, you don't expect to get into a lot of conversations about pigs, but that's what happened to me. I'd barely been in the refugee camp a few hours before people started telling me stories.[SPEAKING ARABIC]Bassam and Farhad are 19.

That's an interpreter, by the way, speaking English.

That is, until Microsoft got a call from GGBC founder and Executive Director Linda Lockhart...