She is well known in the words for starring the role of Melisandre in the TV series Game of Thrones since 2012. They lived together for about half a decade and they finally called off their relationship in 2010. Born as Carice Anouk van Houten in Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland, Carice received her formal education from St. While she was there, she appeared in Hugo Claus' Tijl Uilenspieghel playing the lead role.

So it's rather odd that, as I wait in the lobby of the No 11 hotel in Chelsea, I'm wondering if I'll recognise her.

As , where she took an almost diametrically opposite role as the haunted wife of Tom Cruise's SS officer, she was a hollow-eyed brunette.

This means she's a favourite choice for directors looking for heroines to traumatise. " He was a hero to me,' she goes on with shining eyes.

This year, for instance, she's appearing in a Dutch film, , which stars Sean Bean and is all about the plague; Carice is playing a Satanic necromancer. I would do anything for him.' The admiration is mutual: Verhoeven has described her as the best actress he's ever worked with.

She made her acting debut in 1997 and that was by playing the role of Mariek in the TV series, Het Labyrint.

Edit Keen on acting since her childhood days, Carice made her professional acting debut in 1997. Next year in 1998, she starred an unspecified role in the movie, Ivory Guardians.

knows what Winnebago trailers are – if you ask for a chair, you are considered a diva,’ she says.

Most overwhelming was her first meeting with Cruise.

It’s the way she fiddles with her tangled auburn hair as she gives mea little-girl grin that shows off her small white teeth to disconcertingly sexy effect.

No wonder she’s smiling, though, for the Dutch-born Carice van Houten has to be the luckiest leading lady in after acquiring three superstar screen spouses – Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Leonardo Di Caprio – in the space of one year. They all went to the same school, I think,’ she says, giving another grin. ’ says Carice, continuing in her splendidly uninhibited English. If the men don’t like it, they should tell me, but I’ve had no complaints.

With résumé boosters like these — and a face like that — you’re sure to be seeing Koch as a leading man here before long.