Not one bad comment to say, he deserves the best professor award!! He made History class interesting with his knowledge. Although his tests are challenging, he will provide you with a blank sheet of paper to bring in notes for the exam. If you miss a class or two, he is willing to help you catch up. Had I known this before registering, I would have never signed up for his class.

I had Professor Riotto at my High School for US History 1 Honors. The test was little bit hard but overall I would take his class again. :-/ I am not good at test taking, and now I'm pretty worried that I am not going to pass. Gives no extra credit so if you mess up on 1 test it will cripple your grade.

Scott M Riotto is a History teacher at Montville High School located in Montville, New Jersey and part of Montville Township School District.

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Additionally, the average teacher rating at Montville High School is 3.99 stars.

Professor Riotto is not only an awesome teacher but he truly cares about each students success in his class. he's very personable, cares about his students and includes pop culture to make the matieral feel more current. I took him for HIS 166 during the summer; I wish there were more assignments which would help my grades rather than one research paper, the midterm and the final test. The grade was a research paper that you can choose, a midterm, and a final.

I found him to be a hard A** when it came to grading the paper.

He was a nice guy overall but I would say take someone else if you can.

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