And it’s been built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

On a Mac, everything is designed to work just the way you expect it to — from operating it with simple, intuitive gestures to asking Siri to find a file to having your apps automatically update themselves.

With a little digging under the hood, this almost always corresponds with the appearance of “Safari Web Process (Not Responding)” showing up in Activity Monitor in Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Find the sites you need: Looking for a site you visited in the past but can't quite remember?

Use Full History Search to quickly find sites using even the sketchiest search terms.

That alone can often fix the problem, but sometimes the beach ball returns immediately because the web process is loading errant javascript or a plug-in gone haywire, or is experiencing some memory leak or wild CPU spike.

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple based on the Web Kit engine.

If you're using a Mac with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or older, you must first purchase a copy of OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and install it on your Mac before you'll be able to update Safari.

More browsing space: Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser. A great browser, Safari lets you simply enjoy the web.And when you click a web page in Cover Flow, it's because you've already recognized it as the site you were looking for. Innovative features like these show you how good browsing can be.Satisfy your need for speed: The world's fastest browser, Safari has speed to burn. You want to see those search results, get the latest news, check current stock prices, right now.And it works hand in hand with i Cloud to keep photos, documents, and other stuff up to date on those devices.mac OS also comes with an entire suite of beautifully designed apps.Blazing Performance 2x Faster Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.