Every individual views the universe through the aperture of his or her own experience.So long as these experiences have been labeled and defined in the context of one’s culture, we can logically surmise that our own cultural backgrounds and perspectives shape the way in which we perceive and express love.

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The pair have met three times before, with Wozniacki winning on every occasion. Pliskova, 24, is ranked number three in the world, Wozniacki, who is two years older, is number 18.

Incredibly, it also means the rain-ravaged tournament may even finish on time, despite the schedule being battered because of the terrible weather conditions throughout the week.

PROMINENT ISLAMISTS FLAGGED Among the 18 Qataris named by the four Arab states are alleged terrorism financiers as well as prominent businessmen, politicians and senior members of Qatar's ruling family including a former interior minister.

Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a former Libyan Islamist commander, is one of five Libyans listed, while Qaradawi and firebrand Salafi preacher Wagdi Ghoneim are among the 26 Egyptian nationals.

However, it is apparent that comparative, cross-cultural studies may be the key to unlocking the cultural implications on relationship outcomes and success.

To a certain extent, we only know the world through the way in which we have been conditioned to perceive it.Karl and Laura Linney’s character, Sarah, eventually do hook up without the help of the internet. It has since expanded its mission to include any relationship configuration, and offers 20 different sexuality options to choose from.So why would an app that targets itself toward non-normative relationships choose the workplace as its next frontier?As journalist Raoul De Roussy De Sales articulated in the 1938 May edition of The Atlantic, “America appears to be the only country in the world where love is a national problem.” However, is this truly the case?Such insights reignite popular sentiment that the embers of modern American romance have long-extinguished in comparison to the enduring flames of romance elsewhere.Yet, paradoxically, love transcends our differences. The most important piece of this puzzle is the realization that the way in which you respond to the expression of love will influence who exactly you attract into your life.