This new feature uses the same hardware as the original Pulse--the sensor on the back of the device where you place your finger to measure your heart rate. You can slide the Pulse into it and wear it like a wrist-band style tracker, such as the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP.But please note: the Pulse is not as water-resistant as other wrist-trackers, so you must take it off when showering or when jogging or cycling in the rain.

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We are not looking to make much money off this product. ", and since we wanted something like this to use ourselves.

The text messaging side of Pulse will be completely free.

We feel as though these are VERY REASONABLE prices and hope you agree. Before Android 5.0, many third party apps had issues sending MMS messages, our apps included.

When Android 5.0 came out, Google included a system level method for sending MMS messages, that this app relies on.

But it's actually identical to the original Pulse with a wrist-band holder added.

The Pulse O2 retails for more than the Pulse, and you can buy the wrist-band holder separately for (directly from Withings, and probably from Amazon before long).The Pulse O2 has the ability to measure your blood oxygen level.But so does the original Pulse after you download the latest firmware update.New info added April 22, 2014Before you buy a Withings Pulse, you should know about the new Withings "Pulse O2" which is just now hitting the store shelves.The Pulse O2 appears to be a new version of the Pulse.Settings pages full of tweaks and options to make things completely your own.