The men were recently jailed for sexual abuse of the girl.

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Rolfe's character gained further fame through a fictional feud with the Nostalgia Critic (played by Doug Walker).

This began with the Critic launching a satirical attack in an early episode.

Only the $800 million Convention Center in Philadelphia cost taxpayers more.

Phoenix is a million-square-foot complex, about as big as the Comcast Center, the state's tallest office tower.

Plans for Phoenix date at least to the late 2000s, under Gov. The state scaled back an early proposal for a $400 million, 4,100-bed prison, citing a lack of sewer capacity. Tom Corbett added plans for a 100-bed "capital cases" unit - or death row - plus a women's unit.

More death-row beds are needed because Pennsylvania continues sentencing killers to death, even though, as my colleague Michaelle Bond wrote last week, the state hasn't executed anyone since 1999.Indeed, Pennsylvania's prison population, which rose from 12,000 in 1983 to a peak of 51,000 in 2010, has fallen slightly to 49,000, after crime rates dropped. The Pennsylvania Prison Society, which backs "community-based solutions" instead of prison for some offenders, mostly "doesn't want more prisons being built," executive director Ann Schwartzman told me. — Faced with an April 7 deadline to remove its inmates from the jail in Chambersburg, Pa., the Fulton County (Pa.) Commissioners have negotiated a deal with another jail that might save them money. Between this time, he filmed videos he created on his own and most of them have been released on his website called Cinemassacre.Rolfe has stated his preference for the shorter ten-minute version.The two characters, and real-life comedians, are now good friends.