The problem had cost him money over the years — and thus his explanation of why he opposed NAFTA and supported Trump for president..

So did a Hillary supporter named Tammy Dean, the latter having — pricelessly — this quote from Alexander Hamilton on her page: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Alas for Ms.

Dean, she fell — hard and quite publicly — for one of the stupidest, not to mention bizarrely untrue tweets of the still early new year.


‘Grumble’s eye-opening show is a venus flytrap to the male gaze’ **** (To Do List).

‘A thoroughly entertaining, completely unapologetic spectacle’ **** (Broadway you've been transported to a wild place’ **** (Skinny).

*I received a free copy of this book via Goodreads First-Reads Program.[url=

Sex clown, wild woman and surreal showgirl, the award-winning, head-spinning Betty Grumble returns to Edinburgh with her flesh riot of laughing love and ecosex.

Post show Grumble encourages lovers to continue the night down at Addison Road Community Centre for the Flamboyance Fundraiser!

This book was interesting in that it brought up a lot of good points - some medical-related facts that I didn't consider being related to sugar. The author suggests from the very beginning to tailor your own health and wellbeing and use the parts of the book that relate to you.

So Monday night I debated former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on President Trump’s latest actions on NAFTA.

In the course of the debate I mentioned that my local dry cleaner opposed NAFTA because women’s garments coming in to the country had a tendency to bleed when cleaned, obviously because of the poor quality of dyes used.

No science writer (or scientist) can provide you a rule book that's going to get you laid, wed, or anything in between.