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Global traffic ranks of 100,000 are subject to large fluctuations and should be considered rough estimates.

The Trojan then tries to download the following files: (detected as Mal/Fake AV-IS) lol2(file was unavailable at the time of writing) Once installed.

onlinedatingsecretfriends com-40“冰之心”变种al是“冰之心”家族中的最新成员之一,采用“Microsoft Visual Studio . NET 2005 -- 2008”编写。“冰之心”变种al运行后,会自我复制到被感染系统的“%System Root%\system32\”文件夹下,重新命名为“system.exe”。在被感染系统的“%System Root%\system32\”文件夹下释放恶意程序“hhrlnn.exe”,并在后台调用命令执行。该恶意程序运行后会将自身删除,以此达到消除痕迹的目的。“hhrlnn.exe”运行时,会将“%System Root%\system32\wininet.dll”复制到“%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\”文件夹下,重新命名为“1.tmp”,然后通过其访问网络。后台连接骇客指定的远程站点“e13.nn*”,获取恶意程序下载列表,下载指定的恶意程序“sc.png”等并自动调用运行。其所下载的恶意程序可能为网络游戏盗号木马、远程控制后门或恶意广告程序(流氓软件)等,致使用户面临更多的威胁。另外,其还会在桌面上创建垃圾快捷方式“免费电影C”、“改变你的一生”、“淘宝购物A”,以此为“ Settings\Temp\”文件夹下释放恶意程序“954.exe”,然后将其复制到“%USERPROFILE%\”文件夹下,重新命名为“fswagz.exe”。其会将恶意代码插入到系统桌面程序“explorer.exe”中隐秘运行,后台执行恶意操作,以此隐藏自我,防止被轻易地查杀。“恶推客”变种lnd运行时,会在被感染系统的后台秘密监视用户的键盘输入,窃取账号及密码等机密信息,并在后台将窃得的信息发送到骇客指定的远程站点或邮箱里(地址加密存放),从而给被感染计算机用户造成了不同程度的损失。后台连接骇客指定的远程站点“188.165.*.133”,可能进行恶意程序下载等操作,从而给系统用户造成了更多的威胁。Trojan Dropper.

VB.ure“视频宝宝”变种ure是“视频宝宝”家族中的最新成员之一,采用“VB6.0”编写。“视频宝宝”变种ure运行后,会在被感染系统的“c:\program files\common files”文件夹下释放图标文件“t.ico”和“d.ico”,在桌面和“c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\[开始] 菜单\”文件夹下释放“internet explorer.hdh”、“在线小游戏.hyx”、“看电影.hpf”、“网上购物.htb”、“上网导航.h35”、“图片新闻.hli”,同时会为这些文件设置相关属性,从而防止被轻易地删除。在“c:\Program Files”下释放“V04LS9.exe”,还会在当前目录下释放“网聚.exe”和“vbs”。在注册表中为“*.hdh”、“*.hyx”、“*.hpf”、“*.htb”、“*.h35”、“*.hli”等类型文件建立关联信息,并修改默认图标,从而为这些文件增强了迷惑性。当用户双击这些文件时,会通过IE浏览器自动访问“

Zodiac Signs and Relationships - Love To Know Horoscopes It's a fundamental principle of astrology; there is a correlation between zodiac signs There is a definite link between astrological signs and relationships.

The Cancerian Male Personality: Astrology Zodiac Love Signs that are not compatible with the Cancer zodiac sign include the following.

In ancient times each moving planet was noted to have a relationship with a fixed zodiacal sign.

Compatible Zodiac Signs - Love To Know Horoscopes Learning about compatible zodiac signs can be a great tool for fine Although you do get along with the earth signs, it can be a slightly suffocating relationship.File: [mozdev] / adblockplus / www / easylist / malwaredomains_Revision 1.3: download - view: text, annotated - select for diffs - revision graph Mon Apr 30 2012 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by trev Branches: MAIN CVS tags: HEAD 1: ms Filter List 2: # This is a list of malware domains generated from data. secret friends live; secret friends live; secretfriends com; secret friends feeds; secret friends live chat; secret friends live chat; secret friends live; www secretfriends com; secretfriends live; secretfriends live; internet marketing affiliate programs; nutrisystems; secret friends live; aebn; bbpeoplemeet; bbpeoplemeet; big beautiful people; affiliate internet marketing program; blackpeoplemeet; internet marketing forum; XOM Reviews is the website that lets users just like you to write their own reviews about websites they have visited.This backdoor appends certain strings to certain URLs and performs HTTP GET requests. This backdoor also acts as a proxy server that intercepts requests from Internet browsers and points them to the proxy server on a port set on the registry.It then monitors the affected system's browsing activity by checking strings related to search engines, social networking, shopping websites, etc.Allow him to have his crabby moments and the relationship thrives.