If your traffic ticket says you must appear in court, you cannot pay your traffic ticket using the methods listed above; you must show up in court on your scheduled date.

An alternative option to pleading “guilty" and paying your traffic ticket in full, is to plead “guilty with an explanation." This option gives you the opportunity to explain why you committed the traffic violation before a judge (during a waiver hearing) and possibly have: The district court handing your case will send you a hearing date.

Maryland uses the Lexis Nexis Payment Solutions system for drivers to pay traffic tickets online.

The Chicago Department of Finance handles citations.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) handles the installation and maintenance of red light and automated speed enforcement cameras.

To avoid further penalties that may apply, make payment by the designated due date.

This is a secure web site hosted by American Traffic Solutions. No personal information (such as name or address) will be displayed on this web site.

Being between Banda Aceh and the large southern city of Medan, the town is a key regional centre important for the economy of Aceh.

The City of Farmers Branch offers the convenience of online payment for utility bills and court citations. For further information on payments for Recreation Center programs or permits, please call 972.247.3131.

Citation recipients are legally required to pay the fine posted in the Notice of Violation.

Failure to respond to a Notice of Violation varies by jurisdiction and may result in delinquent notices, additional late fees, a summons to appear in court and withheld vehicle registration.

Before your court appearance, you can change your mind and pay the traffic ticket in full to avoid going to court.

Usually, drivers with a commercial driver's license (CDL) can plead “guilty" or “guilty with an explanation" in much the same way regular drivers would plea.

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