“The writing is there already to give that kind of back and forth between the guy and the girl character,” she adds.

nathan and brooke dating in real life-30

James Lafferty looked back at his time on the beloved series One Tree Hill with Us Weekly — and revealed his favorite Nathan and Haley scene!

"I think the entire fifth season was my favorite because it was the first season that we saw them with [their son] Jamie," the Underground actor tells Us.

Check out these times they gave you relationship goals: 1.

came on the air in 2009, all people could talk about was the palpable chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion.

Parents this years in jail, and then you cosmogirl!

were the couple that shouldn’t have worked, but totally did.

Since their on-screen connection seems so genuine, fans believe that the couple is together in real life.

To the disappointment of Caskett fans, their endearing nickname, they are not.

The show has been successful for the past five season and all the cast has gotten along well.