“It is a participatory performance work designed to engage in dialogue with the public about our over-consumption of clothing and its impact on our environment.“Through the generosity of people’s individual labour they will to be part of a simple assembly line process that deconstructs t-shirts by cutting, and then reconstructing the strips into a hand woven rug.They did already have a women's section and so the tournament fit nicely into their existing setup.

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Do you know your Stalefish from your Goofy, a tea tray from a skeleton?

Don’t fret, because with Russia’s Winter Olympics starting tomorrow, our alternative guide to the Games explains all.

Moon Glade, that No Vacancy event that will take place Friday September 16th at the Art Gallery of Burlington, has attracted artists from across the country.

Denis Longchamps, Artistic Director & Chief Curator at the AGB explains that the event was curated by his office.

Oh, and the 400 customers who pop in every night for a drag show starring a Muslim ex-butcher and a Ukranian who sings Whitney Houston songs dressed like Adele.

Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chinese authorities ‘relocated’ all the homeless vagrants and children to make the place look a bit more appealing.In Brood War, there was in fact a series of female only tournaments from 2003 to 2005, Game TV Female League, but To Ss Gir L won them all and they were subsequently ended.To Ss Gir L moved on to become the only female progamer in the Korean professional scene.Curating is a process whereby artists were selected and invited to submit a project.Longchamps adds that is why “you are noticing the focus on social responsibility” Kelly Bruton will be doing an installation she calls The Mending Factory.“I see these factories like social structures, spaces for direct “hands on” experiences, dialogue and learning.