She was raised in the Toledo, Ohio area and educated in public schools, through the sixth grade.Her parents then sent her to South Korea to attend school for one year.“The key to it was we did it very quickly,” Rhee told us Wednesday, on the phone from the California capital where she runs her advocacy group, Students First. “We were trying to see how long it would take to get around.” Which is how they’ve always conducted the relationship, first forged through their shared ed-policy wonkery. For their destination wedding, Rhee and Johnson picked Blackberry Farm, a hotel in Walland, Tenn., where they’d previously stayed — a location convenient for her two daughters, who live in Nashville with their father, Kevin Huffman.

Her "Teach For America" Training did not prepare her well to handle basic classroom management.

She was so unprepared that in order to quiet down a class she taped children's mouths shut.

Such is the laid-back, you-do-your-thing-I'll-do-mine approach Itzler and Blakely bring to their marriage. They preside over their businesses from different cities: Blakely runs Spanx from Atlanta (their 21-month-old son, Lazer, typically travels with her); Itzler is based in Manhattan.

The deal: Both must be home in time for dinner every night.

looks like they both scratched eachother's backs..she needed a bit more help and voila engagement it!!!! after firing a couple more 100 teachers they'll actually set a date.

who knows maybe she'll be appointed to lead the DOEd (for US) because of such a good job she's done with the dc schools...ugh!Only a year earlier he'd pulled into the driveway of their Connecticut home to find a new Lexus she'd bought."I trust her to do whatever she wants," says Itzler.Sara Blakely, 40, founder of Spanx, and Jesse Itzler, 42, cofounder of Marquis Jet and principal investor in Zico Water Recently, while dining with his wife and some friends, Jesse Itzler, cofounder of Marquis Jet, a firm that rents private planes to celebs and execs, was puzzled when one of his friends asked him about the La Jolla, California, home he'd put on the market."Oh, I forgot to tell you, I decided to sell the house," his wife, Sara Blakely, founder of the ultrasuccessful Spanx body-shaper empire, said nonchalantly. It was hardly the first time his wife had made an executive decision about their finances without him green-lighting it.Upon her return, they enrolled her in a private school because they felt the public school was lacking. She later earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University's John F. Inspired by a PBS special that she saw during her senior year in college, Rhee signed up with Teach For America, went through their five-week summer training program, then worked for three years as a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland.