This time Sackboy is joined by three new companions: Odd Sock, Toggle, and Swoop, as they reunite to once again save Bunkum from the Titans.

This is the first main title in the series not being developed by Media Molecule, but fans of the series should have nothing to worry about as Sumo Digital has done an excellent job of keeping everything LBP is loved for, while introducing tons of new innovations and improvements over its predecessors.

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The story plays much differently than past LBPs, akin to level hub style games such as the original Sly Cooper or Jak & Daxter but with some RPG elements.

I personally found it to be a refreshing change and quite enjoyable.

Oddsock, Swoop, and Toggle each bring different abilities to co-op gameplay.

Oddsock can wall jump, Scoop can fly and carry other characters, and Toggle can switch between being large or tiny, with the abilities to move large objects or fit in tight places.

takes up 495MB on Play Station 4 and 110MB on Play Station 3.

Included in it you’ll find a new Save Profile system on PS4 to help prevent corruption, improved stability, and a number of other fixes.

Get each team to curate a collection of the best LBP2 tutorials and share with the class as well as research -- through videos of other games and a sampling of LBP2 levels (can help here) -- some exemplar levels or games within their assigned genre.

Once the teams feel comfortable, get them to brainstorm ideas for what their game will be and pitch them to the class.

After getting feedback, development of the levels begins.

Students should keep a metacognitive daily journal -- or "development diary" -- where they talk about what they've been doing, why, and plans for the future.

Have them present their levels to peers at set intervals and get constructive feedback, and then use that feedback to polish their levels.