It was in that kind of setting that the recordings above were made, and they constitute a windfall.

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Please click here to find out about Board requirements and commitments, and how to contact us if you are interested. People with disabilities are a powerful and significant part of our community, yet; as a group our social roles have been marginalized by bigotry, discrimination, poverty, isolation, dependency and pity.

Americans with disabilities have not had access to transportation, housing and employment that other citizens have enjoyed; CPWD will change that. Please click here for the BVSD site; if they are closed or delayed, so is CPWD. The Center for People with Disabilities (CPWD) started in Boulder County in 1977.

All of our attractions are outfitted with a wide ramp for wheelchair and walker access.

If you require a wheelchair for your tour and are not traveling with one, simply inquire when you arrive and we will equip you with one.

With nothing more than the scant, vague promise that a furniture store, for example, could sell a few hundred copies of a local musician's songs, recording companies like Victor, Vocalion, Brunswick, Columbia, Bluebird, and Paramount sent engineers and recording equipment to outposts like New Orleans, San Antonio, Memphis, and Atlanta, or a bus ticket north to headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, Chicago, Richmond, Indiana, Grafton, Wisconsin, etc., and Cajun musicians were among the bunch to record alongside commercial artists like Jimmie Rodgers, jazz greats like Johnny Dodds, ragtime guitarists like Blind Blake, ladies of the blues like Bessie Smith, etc.

And the Library of Congress had a mandate to go everywhere and record the story of the music people made when it looked to some like the world was going to end in the Great Depression, dust storms at home, and a world war brewing abroad!After France ruled for 100 years (with little settlement in this area), it was defeated by Great Britain in the French and Indian War (Seven Years' War) and ceded its territory east of the Mississippi.Britain held the land for more than twenty years, until after its defeat in the American Revolutionary War.On February 6, 2017, the Association of Colorado Centers for Independent Living (ACCIL) joined the first regular session of the seventy-first General Assembly at the Capitol in Denver, CO.ACCIL was represented by various Centers for Independent Living (CILs) throughout Colorado, including staff and...Jack Leger and the Cajun All Stars, Lanor 45s, circa 1975.