Back in 2011, we published a popular Moz Blog post about these “Freshness Factors” for SEO.

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You may think that when you commission a new website, that once it’s launched – that’s it, job done for a few years. Very much like a car, a website needs to be maintained and monitored to maximise its effectiveness and ensure that it continues to run and work as smoothly as possible.

Managing your website doesn’t have to be a full time job, but there are some things that you do need to make time for to keep it as shiny tomorrow as it is today.

If you’re going to make that investment a few times a week then it makes sense a few times a year to go back through the content that you have produced in the past to refine it and keep it fresh for your website visitors.

You will see a number of nice benefits if you take the time to update existing blog articles and website content.

Then you should determine how you will target them.

Taglines and slogans that are customer-centric (i.e., focuses on the needs and wants of the customer) are essential to capturing the attention of your prospective customers.

If you have effective taglines, great design will only enhance their effectiveness. The content of your website should always begin with proper market research.

First, you should determine your high value customers (HVC) and define personas for your website.

In 2003, Google engineers filed a patent named Information retrieval based on historical data that shook the SEO world.

The patent not only offered insight into the mind of Google engineers at the time, but also seemingly provided a roadmap for Google’s algorithm for years to come.

Your taglines must deliver a clear value proposition and include an effective call to action.