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E-mail…speed dialing…speed dating…high speed internet…E-Z Pass™? I don’t know about you, but some of these conveniences have lead to unexpected outcomes. You could say its being an Aries, born feet first into this world.

E-mail is a quick way to respond to a letter, no stamp, no wait. I was concerned that I’d want satisfaction even faster, and my children as well.

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Speed dialing or letting your phone do the dial up has resulted, for me, in not remembering telephone numbers.

This function can be useful but I realize it will not be helpful if I need to speak to a person and I’m using someone else’s phone. When I drive to the beach or up to NYC I can be in the less populated lane, some that even allow you to maintain your speed. But I miss saying hello to the toll booth collector—those that are still employed.

My five favorite things to do: Laugh - and make you laugh, Learn, Dance, Smile Hi, im not very good at this so...i'm a singer, have been since i was 3 and have done some pretty big things I have a good job that earns good money, I want to meet a nice pretty ho Rayleigh essex England piersjess 35 Man Seeking Women I think like each person.

The 'Rules' of dating are changing constantly in our modern society and with our online dating culture, many men are unsure how to act and behave in a way that attracts the opposite sex, while still maintaining their sense of masculinity., especially when meeting and dating women for the first time.

But how do you find him when you can't seem to identify single handsome men out of all the creeps and duds?