My Gmail app that I have installed in my Android 2.3.5 phone has stopped receiving or sending new emails since the last couple of days. The solution i'm going to present will lead to the loss of unsent emails, so copy them to somewhere. Please let me know if there is a problem with the account.

Only a couple of months after the last update of viewing all inboxes in one place, the app has just received another set of few improvements which include support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) being more reliable than ever.

With the recent update, adding other email accounts is easier.

You may see a notification asking if you accept the new permissions.

Tip: In some cases, you may need to restart your device to update an app.

It's not auto-updating for users who are actually capable of manually downloading the update.

I've tried this on friends' phone whenever I know my app has been updated.

Feel free to check your, Yahoo Mail, and other email accounts right from the Gmail app for Android.

No need to use another email app just to check your other mails on your phone or tablet.

It seems to have updated automatically to the new version.

I have chosen the option to update app over wi-fi only. I have submitted for update without any new permission, yet google play does not update it without me clicking update button.

Some of individual apps like Maps, Calendar also shows indefinite spinner.