We do not have a concern at this time,' Dopico said.

'One can be profoundly mentally ill, including schizophrenic, and be competent.'Bloom initially said she wanted to order a full psychiatric evaluation for Santiago but decided to wait after Dopico asked for time to obtain records of his previous treatment and his behavior while in a different jail following his Florida arrest.

The gunman behind the deadly shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida has been deemed mentally competent to proceed with his court case despite indications of mental illness, his attorneys said.

Esteban Santiago opened fire last month, killing five people and wounding six in a shooting rampage at a baggage claim.

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In May of that year, someone vandalized her home’s air conditioner and pool, but she did not know who committed the act.

S.’s case, she had two of the three necessary pieces. She also had an event of violence: the confrontation at her home. Finally, the law requires proof that the victim is “in imminent danger of another act of dating violence.” In C. had been together within the required previous six-month period. had challenged this point, arguing that he acted in self-defense, but the court found C. The second is at least one occurrence of dating violence. What she didn’t have was proof of imminent danger of future violence. 18, 2016 South Florida Man Gets New Hearing in Domestic Violence Case After Trial Court Admits Improper Evidence, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Blog, Oct.Explore the four different eco-systems preserved in their pristine state by the Seminole Tribe of Florida aboard an airboat and swamp buggy where you can get up close to over 15 native and exotic species roaming freely through our wildlife park.After your tour, stroll through our grounds and new animal exhibits with petting zoo where you can visit with more than 20 different creatures that walk, swim, crawl and fly.The issue of mental competence could play a key role in whether the Justice Department decides to seek the death penalty against Santiago.'I want to ensure the court is satisfied he is competent,' Bloom said.