There are also improvements to the share experiment and the overall stability of the app.

For those of you who hate it every time Facebook changes something, insert cries of anguish here. These are mostly cosmetic changes that you may or may not appreciate, but won't have to think about for too long if there's nothing here of interest. I really think there are some changes here to like and be thinking about down the road when it comes to Facebook Strategy!

There are quite a few changes; some dramatic, and some less so.

Download Bitdefender (50% Windows Report discount) Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile has been updated recently with several improvements.

No new features here, and that’d a bit disappointing since it has been a long time since the social network released a meaningful update for the platform.

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Instead of being left-justified, profile pics are now centered on the screen, yet still positioned slightly over the cover photo. One of the more interesting new features that Facebook has added is the ability to use a video as your profile image, instead of a static image.

You can create a new video or select one from your Facebook gallery or Camera Roll.

i highly doubt Facebook is the problem, because i do not experience it at video ads last no more than 15 seconds, and viewing them allow page owners to collect more revenue, i presume. Constant freezes and crashes make it barely usable. What Product Manager leaves disabled features in their app??

A new version of the non-beta Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is now available to download from the Windows Store.

Other apps that performed poorly in AVG’s latest results were The Daily Mail Online, which had the highest data consumption and the second-highest storage consumption; and Spotify, which had the second-highest overall performance impact, the fifth-highest battery drain, and the fourth-highest battery drain and storage consumption.