Several alternatives sites implementing the same api may be available.

demonoid ratio not updating 2016-70

If you get into other private trackers and your ratios do not update, then you should worry.

NOTE: The original Fanzub site was decommissioned March 1st, 2015.

I'm trying to use Download Station to get torrents that I find on Demonoid, but can't get it to work.

I drop in the URL and Download Station successfully fetches the .torrent file, but then I'm not sure what to do with it to make Download Station start downloading the torrent itself.

Some of the reached seeding ratios of 700% and more.

On Demonoid however, my ratio is not affected, neither by down- nor by uploading. Greetings willyneuhaus It may by related that Demonoid uses some type of information within the download client program to send back statistical data; which the Download Station does not support.

The clones are not replacing the defunct sites, all they do is trying to replace them with content from The Pirate Bay. An alternate method to access censored websites is TOR (The Onion Router).

It is a system that allows you to bypass censorship and access any website.

(The same api specification is shared with n ZEDb) At this point it's unlikely your favorite tracker supports this.

We'll update this post once we become aware of other trackers supporting it. It acts as a Torznab proxy adding Toznab support for more than 100 torrent trackers, but uses website scraping instead of APIs.

You may also make use of a VPN service (virtual private network) where your connection gets masked and routed through remote servers.