Scully had no idea why she'd put so much effort into her appearance for a date who was bound to be a dud.

In 2013, the Jonas Brothers unexpectedly broke up just before the release of a new album and the start of a world tour.

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"The timing of it has to be well-sychronized," he said.

In the meantime, they will hover over cars and open, sunny spaces, blurring windshields and clogging radiators.

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But they don't stick around for long, unless you count how their remains cling to windshields and car grilles.

Lovebugs only live long enough to eat nectar, copulate, lay eggs and die, Siemann said.

Who can forget Jemi or his dramatic relationship with Taylor Swift?

Author's Note: I never imagined the fluffiest piece I've ever written to be an X-Files fic, but I guess that's how it's turned out.

There is only a brief period when these bugs cause problems, and that is when they emerge from their pupal stage as flies when the weather warms up.

"They're just a nuisance," said Richard Harrel, professor of biology at Lamar University.

It was first described by Hardy (1940) from Galveston, Texas.