This is merely an attempt to reduce the quantity of emotional intimacy focused within a single relationship.

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One thing that tipped me off most was his talking to me about his ex girlfriend.

He made a curious comment about how he was reluctant to break up with her because she was the only girl he was ever with who never put any emotional demands on him- so he basically had to offer her nothing for her to stay with him.

It led to some pretty nasty times to say the least.

But over these few years there are some things I've picked up that lead me to believe that it really has nothing to do with me at all.

We've talked extensively about how I crave certain kinds of intimacy that he can't provide. His solitary nature (though I am far from a needy sort) has been given up in order to share an apartment with me (though not a room, which is actually not a problem because hell yeah havin' my own space). He was given a list of words and had to categorize them, but just couldn't bring himself to talk about one word: Boats.

He knew it, he saw it, he could see it in his mind but just could not bring himself to SAY it.

I am married to a schizoid husband.that comes a lot of challenges....

I am not going to elaborate on what schizoid is, because I am sure if you got to this message, you have a good idea of what it entales.

However, these individuals are basically just putting on a show when they are in public.