Some 600 boys and girls walk two abreast onto the basketball court to the strains of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy." A senior reads a poem in Hungarian about the beauty of the surroundings.

The school principal then addresses the pupils in Hungarian, and he is followed by the principal of a partner school in Hungary, who also speaks in Hungarian.

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After half an hour standing in the sun, the pupil's shirts are sweated through, but not a single Slovakian word has been uttered. According to legislation passed in Bratislava that came into effect on Sept.

1, the Slovakian language must have precedence in public -- on billboards, in official declarations and on monuments.

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This fact is not reflected on the plates, only one code is used.

Additionally, Košice-okolie (KS) comprises an area around Košice (the city itself excluded) while having its seat in the city proper. Eight cities that are also seats of the region (kraj) are assigned more.

Since 18 August 2010, Bratislava has been registering plates with its second code, BL.

The older system (Slovak: ŠPZ, štátna poznávacia značka) XX NN-NN or XXY NN-NN - was issued until 30 March 1997.

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