Our pregnancy scans are longer than those offered by most other providers.

For instance, our early scan appointments are 30 minutes long.

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3D/4D scans are available privately and are designed for personal use rather than diagnostic purposes.

The scans allow you to see new details of your unborn baby and to get a better view of what they will look like.

Please note that if you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, we will be unable to give you a refund.

Ultrasound Direct Babybond Hertford are a team of healthcare professionals who carryout diagnostic Ultrasound Babybond Pregnancy scans, Women's Health Ultrasound Scans and Men's Health Ultrasound Scans.

If you are interested in finding more about the service please contact the department on 01234 355122 ext. A 3D/4D scan uses the same technology as a 2D scan, which is used routinely in maternity care.

The 3D scan shows the baby in three dimensions whilst a 4D scan is moving images of a 3D scan.

Hard tissues, such as bone, reflect the most sound waves and so make the biggest echoes.

These appear white in the image, and soft tissues appear grey.

Your sonographer may even print out the image of your baby and give it to you as a keepsake.