When I went to the biergarten back in May, it was not to seek out girls.

I was coming out of my first week at a new apartment and exhausted after the big move.

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Dating he always busy video

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We went on a date and it was the best connection I’ve ever had with anyone. He asked when he could see me again, and I actually ended up going to his place.

We watched a movie and cuddled and I told him I didn’t wanna ruin anything by sleeping with him on the first date. it was a great night and he told me he wanted to see this movie that was coming out, wanted to teach me how to drive stick shift, wanted to watch this other movie one night soon, etc. I mean, there would be 24 hours between responses at times.

And conversely, if she does like you, she can help you navigate even the rockiest terrain.

When my Philadelphia buddy SW told me about how he ended up with his girlfriend, even though she was knee deep in med school and had even told him she was too busy to see him, I thought it would provide a helpful example of this. So here you go: I should start by saying the adage, “you always find what you’re looking for when you’re not looking for it.” It rings so true here.

My heart is having second thoughts and wondering if I should have been open to the consideration of getting to know him better while being open to meeting others? I’ve dated a good amount of men, and on many levels he seemed wonderful.

The “dating other people” bit threw me for a loop and hoping you might share your thoughts.

I’ve wagged my tongue for many years about the importance of knowing logistics when meeting women. And for good reason: it’s the difference between driving sober and driving blindfolded, high on mushrooms.