I already know what’s going to happen so let me say this once again: this is written from MY perspective. Outgoing: ★★★★ (out of 5) Kindness: ★★★ Wealth: ★★★★ Romance: ★★★ Easy-Going: ★★★ For a large portion of my life, I simply forgot that Koreans existed.

Well, they aren’t exactly real jewels that you can sell, nor are they ones you can find in your undies – these are jewels of knowledge that you shall blah blah blah — let’s get this shit goin, shall we?

Take a look at one section of the upcoming series on “The Pros and Cons of Dating Asian Men” as it relates specifically to black women.

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Don’t cha just wish that somewhere in the universe, there existed a simple to use guide on dating? They just sit on their side of the couch, looking at their phones, not really talking to anyone.

Perhaps a blog of some sort that explained the types of guys that existed, with a list of qualities, tips and bits of knowledge? It’s almost as if they live in this confined bubble of themselves, their close friends, and their girlfriend – not really jumping out or trying to interact with others.

So if you’re looking to date outside your race and join the Asian nation, perhaps the Korean guy will be a tough place to start.

Even the ones that are more Americanized seem to stick to other Koreans.

Don’t cha just wish there was a section on that guide dedicated to Asian guys, and how to understand the types of Asians, be it Chinese, Filipino, or Korean? They truly stay within the Korean circle and are proud of it.

Based on their interactions and my own experiences talking with them, Korean guys seem to be a bit aloof.

If you are a Filipina, reading this article, do you also wish to marry a foreigner?

This article will help you see the whole picture of Filipina dating foreigners.

83 % of the Filipino women and 72 % of the Filipino men dream about becoming a famous singer…