Peroxisomes are ubiquitous eukaryotic organelles involved in various oxidative reactions.Their enzymatic content varies between species, but the presence of common protein import and organelle biogenesis systems support a single evolutionary origin.

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In addition, the participants were asked about their sleep patterns, how awake they felt, and how well they had functioned the previous week.

By analyzing the study's subjects' energy levels through the 24-hour period and their reports about their functioning the week before, Putilov and his team were able to identify four sleep distinct groups.1.

Lark: You know them as morning people and they have higher energy levels at 9 AM than they do at 9 PM. People over 60 tend to be larks and they can be extra chatty (read: annoyingly chatty) in the morning. Owl Night owls, or evening people, are most productive in the late morning and late evening, and are at their most alert around 6 PM.

For many years psychologists have divided people into two types based on their sleeping habits.

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The precise scenario for this origin remains however to be established.

The ability of peroxisomes to divide and import proteins post-translationally, just like mitochondria and chloroplasts, supports an endosymbiotic origin.

We therefore conducted large-scale phylogenetic analyses of the yeast and rat peroxisomal proteomes.

Our results show that most peroxisomal proteins (39–58%) are of eukaryotic origin, comprising all proteins involved in organelle biogenesis or maintenance.

They also answered questions about their sleep patterns and wakeful functioning during the preceding week.