These three examples reflect the more common online dating personalities: the thoughtful romantic, the witty comedian and the spontaneous adventurer.

While each of the sample profiles below is specific to a gender, the elements of each profile remain the same regardless of whether the user is male or female.

"[Introverts are] one-on-one in the email stage and on a date.

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All three profiles manage to stand out from the crowd – they’re unique and free of the usual online dating clichés that people have come to expect, while still showcasing the user’s true personality.

Each profile is different in the same way that each person is different – so we’ve showcased three of the most common “types” of online dating profiles.

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And we think online dating, even more so than offline dating, is about "putting yourself out there." So it goes without saying that introverts would find online dating as repelling as, say, an afternoon without a book. Introverts represent a varied group of people — some are shy, implying discomfort in social situations, while others enjoy spending time in groups of people.

(They're not all bookworms.) Introverts and extroverts are merely social in different ways. D., an internationally recognized dating expert, there are several advantages to online dating for introverts.

Finding great pictures A great dating profile starts with great pictures.