Systematics: the study of relationships among living things through time.Molecular Systematics: the analysis of hereditary molecular differences, mainly in DNA sequences, to gain information on an organism’s evolutionary relationships.

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The Earthcam webcams below are sponsored by the National Park Service. Some of these webcams are interactive and allow you to pan and zoom. The traffic webcams below are provided by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

The map shows the location of the six cams nearest the White House.

A judge sentenced a career criminal to life in prison Wednesday for a brutal home invasion beating caught on a nanny cam after listening to the victim describe how the attack left her with physical and psychological scars.

Shawn Custis said nothing during the hearing and held a folder of papers in front of his face during the proceeding to block photographers from taking his picture.

Wigler added an additional five years to Custis' life sentence for the child endangerment conviction.

Custis won't be eligible for parole for more than 60 years.

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