The Swim Pro system allows Swimming Australia’s elite coaches like Jacco to analyse their swimmers’ technique on a more detailed level (with 1080p HD recording and synchronised playback) to fine-tune swimmers’ strokes.

This extent of analysis makes for more precise movement and a quicker turnaround time in technique correction to see maximum gains in performance.

Sometimes you may find board requests that want you to fetch certain types of flower bouquets.


My goal is to save RAW images captured by Canon EOS 70D to a file using the Canon EDSDK 3.4 for a WPF application It has been mentioned that this version provides support for RAW image processing. The error message is deceptive, but likely originates from the fact that the dynamic loading of the DPP libraries in the background fail.

From my search I found out that it is not possible to get the image object from the camera so you have to first download the image to the host PC and then try to read the file for further processing and saving the image using the method Eds Save Image(). If you want to convert 70D images, you should re-compile in 32 bits mode.

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