The blocks of generated html code are pased to specific places in the template.That creates a big headache for programers as they need to search through code for the place where some box is generated. It is very tricky to rip boonex templating apart, as whole coding is based on such poor programming practice.That was until I had to move over one of my clients sites that was using Dolphin CMS.

PKForum v1.1 Manual (last update: 30 July 2014) PKForum is an advanced Dolphin 7.1.x forum module that can be used either in place of, or in addition to, the Boon Ex "Orca" Forum module that's included in the "basic" Dolphin package.

A single PKForum license can be purchased from where "Advanced" Boon Ex members will receive a 10% discount.

Scan Barcode1 (Which contains a *prefix, Scan Barcdode2. Our regional Ultimate Frisbee Club has an existing logo that we are not happy with.

Looking for a new contemporary logo that can be used on all marketing material and our players kit.

Please visit Dolphin to place your order.

Top ↑ FORUM FEATURES — displays a listing of those categories and associated forums that the viewer has permissions to view.

no dolphin 'core' code changes, FREE installation service is not being offered.

For busy site owners that may require or prefer some assistance, there is a paid installation service that includes backing up your site's database (to your server), installing the PKForum module, setting up the license verification, migrating your current Orca Forum content, and either hiding or removing of the Orca module.

After the server lockout and subsequent move last week I had to setup all my old sites on the new server.

Aside from the loss of a few posts my blog (which I could restore from Google cache) and a few comments (which I couldn't restore unfortunately) everything was pretty smooth.

It is very tricky to modify code that way to suit site needs. Template engine and separation of code/design/database This problem in dolphin/boonex needs a point on its own.