See "The Sing," where he confesses, "The only words I've said today are 'beer' and 'thank you,'" then repeats them like a mantra; or "Small Plane," where the admission "I really am a lucky man" is delivered with just enough hesitation to hint that the truth is more complicated, but not as compelling, as the lie.

Deep-voiced singer-songwriter dude Callahan tackles the 1968 classic by deep-voiced singer-songwriter god Leonard Cohen.

Dress Sexy at My Funeral, recorded under former moniker Smog, melded the bawdy and deadpan, while America!

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Consisting almost entirely of his earthen baritone and two weightless guitars, it’s extraordinary in the way Callahan’s best songs are: deceptively simple, naturally beautiful, and anchored by language that is at once exacting and slightly inscrutable, capable of blowing your heart out a line at a time.

“I never liked to land, getting back up seems so impossibly grand, ” he sings.

Sitting at the foot of a desk stacked with drawings and notebooks and errant pages, Callahan extends his body into a near-yogic pose, reaching out over a wrinkled bed sheet that covers the middle of the floor like a pool of mayonnaise, pinching and pulling it to create the illusion of rugged terrain. ” he asks, the old floor fan in the hallway pushing cloud-like vapors from a tray of dry ice past his face.

Hanly Banks, the filmmaker responsible for last year’s sublime Callahan tour vignette, , watches the new peaks take shape in the LCD display on her camera. “That’s perfect.” It’s a hot August afternoon in Austin, Texas, and both Banks and Callahan have spent the better part of the day preparing to shoot this homemade visual for “Small Plane,” a stunner from , the 47-year-old singer-songwriter and former Smog mastermind’s fourth full-length under his own name.

It's so perfect we're shocked it hasn't happened before.

Oakland Raiders coach Bill Callahan watches the Denver Broncos drive for a TD in Oakland, CA, Nov. "We must be the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game," said Callahan after the game. (UPI Photo/Terry Schmitt) Bill Callahan (born July 31, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois) is the Assistant Head Coach/Offense for the New York Jets.

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also has a bunch of quotes from an anonymous friend who’s apparently delighted to discuss the particulars of their relationship: “He liked her music and would go to her shows.

A great wind is rolling through Bill Callahan’s home, toward a bare corner room that he’s made his office.

On the wall, just above a small trampoline, he’s hung a dry-erase board detailing a daily regimen — neti, meditate, bounce, sing for 20 minutes — as well as reminders to get a haircut, hit the gym, and go for a run a couple times a week.

He had the biggest crush on her.” Stars: They’re just like us!