She became very exhausted and ill, so after saving money, Mosshart moved to London and the duo officially started.

"It's nice to see my bandmate happy," Alison Mosshart shrugs off the paparazzi pressures that come with her bandmate marrying the most recognisable supermodel of his generation.

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She finally approached him, after which they started playing around with some music ideas.

After she went back to Florida, she continued writing songs with Jamie, by sending her ideas overseas to London, where he lived.

"He definitely has new responsibilities, but that would happen with any band together a long time. We're not going to fall over in the street, so I feel pretty safe." From the sound of it, this summer is by no means the most unpredictable episode in their 13-year history together, anyway - an alliance that began when Florida-based Mosshart heard Hince playing the guitar in a London hotel room and decided "he sounded really cool - much better than the people I was playing with".

Mutual musical respect turned into a long-distance correspondence - "pictures, cassette tapes, letters, coffees, a magic box every three weeks" is how Mosshart remembers it fondly, until one morning the pull of London proved too strong.

"Ian Svenonius [frontman of Nation of Ulysses] was another one, who danced like he was in a disco-funk band, but to punk music.

Climbing things, jumping, the most insane stuff – I loved all that." Since 2009 Mosshart has fronted The Dead Weather alongside one of the great front men of the modern era, Jack White.

No doubt because of the girl-boy pairing as well as the sound, they have also been compared with The White Stripes, something flattering but misleading: "It's kind of true, because we're both rooted in the blues, and they kicked open the door for our type of bands - who wouldn't want to be compared with The White Stripes - but we are different, for a start we have a drum machine." The way Mosshart explains it, this drum machine that might be considered a cop-out to help keep a lesser band to keep in time, is actually an extra challenge leaving them fully exposed on stage.

*Photograph by Edouard Plongeon.*When Alison Mosshart and Jack White formed The Dead Weather in 2009, a nation of Chelsea Girls and Modern Gainsbourgs trembled at the prospect of no more Kills records. Did you change your approach to writing at all over the break? He was writing a certain type of really English song. This is gonna be a really different record than the one before it.” With two people in a band, you’re pretty limited, in terms of what you can play, so it’s always going to be the idea over the ability. Pre-order it on and listen to the new single, “Satellite,” below.

Front people are the ultimate torchbearers of rock'n'roll fantasy.