As our society continues to navigate such complex issues as online harassment, sexual expression and violence against LGBT youth, parents, educators and government all have a stake in shaping today’s children into the thriving adults of tomorrow. Social media remained in its infancy, as Facebook had not yet expanded its reach outside universities.Snapchat, the popular messaging app that allows users to send photos and videos that “expire” after ten seconds, was six years away from prototype—and nine years away from a hack that caused the online release of thousands of the app’s “impermanent” photos.

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, unplanned pregnancy, and being in a sexual relationship before being mature enough to know what makes a healthy relationship.

Teens and young adults are at higher risk than adults.

“I was remembering when I used to be a political pundit and determining if I would have called this election exactly the way it is, I’m not sure I would have.” Much like premier-elect Rachel Notley, Nenshi wasn’t expected to win when he first ran for office in 2010 and said he’ll give them time to adjust to leading rather than opposing government.

“I am, as always, optimistic, good people were running and they deserve the chance to do a good job,” he said.

Alberta’s recent leap in education policy is a small step compared to Ontario’s new sex education curriculum, which touches on “sexting,” consent, cyberbullying and masturbation, in addition to sexual orientation and gender identity.

As some Ontario residents continue to protest the new curriculum, parents and educators across Canada are asking some thoughtful questions about rights and responsibilities in preparing children for a world that is increasingly transparent, interconnected and diverse.In March 2015, the government of Alberta unveiled a historic piece of legislation: gay-straight alliances would be mandatory in every school where a student has requested one.Catholic schools are not exempt from the law, and parents will no longer be permitted to remove their children from classes that discuss sexual orientation.If you are unsure of how to begin such a conversation, use everyday situations as an icebreaker.Use examples on TV or a teen's pregnancy to start a discussion.Other Edmonton online dating sites charge for memberships, we are 100% free for everything.