Meetings are free of charge, open to the public, conveniently located on multiple campuses and handicapped accessible. Respite care during daytime groups is available free of charge with advance notice.

Because seating is limited, we ask that participants call to reserve a space.

Our support groups welcome caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, offering them informal settings to share feelings, ideas, concerns and even some laughter.

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If you live in the parish of Warndon or St Peters you will also pay a small amount for parish council services.

You pay your Council Tax to the City Council and we send the county, police or parish the amounts they have asked for.

Payment must be received within one week of meeting.

The Library reserves the right to reject requests for additional hours if it is unable to staff the premises.

*When meetings at the Main Library are scheduled to run after the time the library closes, the organization using the room is responsible for paying overtime costs of the custodian who must remain to close the building, in addition to the after hour rental rate.

*Saturdays – no use of meeting rooms after closing. Organizations must notify the library at the time of booking that the program will extend additional hours.

Groups large and small can benefit from the use of the Library's many spaces for everything from a small, brief meeting to full-blown gala affairs.

The WPL Main Library and Branches encourage neighborhood and community groups to take advantage of Library’s versatile meeting rooms on application when these rooms are not needed for Library or City purposes.

Application for special Events during closed hours Meeting room locations, features and rental rates Room rates are based on location.